About Our Clinic

Healthcare is changing. Patient needs are changing. Government regulation is changing. With an evolving landscape and overwhelming expectations, Sru7 Clinic has begun a transformation of its healthcare system that meets the needs of this changing environment.

Healthcare is in the midst of dramatic change. New technologies, new medications, and new approaches for treating the sick have changed the way we deliver care. Societal, economic and legislative forces are influencing how we pay care and where it will be delivered.

In light of these dynamic changes, we know that tough choices must be made. 

At Sru7 Clinics we are committed to the communities we serve, but in the coming years our hospital system will look different than it does today.

Healthcare providers are being challenged to do more with less. We’re looking closely at everything we do and every rupee we spend. We’re even examining the fundamental principles of health care: asking why we’re here and what we hope to accomplish for patients and communities. 

These questions may sound simple, but we must answer them carefully, because the direction we take today will affect healthcare for years to come. The old adage is correct. “If you don’t create change – change creates you.”

Our Mission

The mission of Sru7 Clinics is to improve the health of the community by setting the standard of excellence in clinical care of the patient population.

We aim to provide patient-centered medicine to prevent, diagnose and treat human illness.

Sru7 Clinics values inclusion and the importance of reflecting our patients, and we strive to build lifelong partnerships and relationships with local residents.