Health Card

During COVID-19 crisis it was really tough to contact patients and follow up their health status. So, thought of finding a platform to provide comprehensive health care with experienced doctors, It’s like (all these days you(patients) visited us for treatment now we (doctors) come to you and treat for your safety).

What we offer:

We provide Integrated Health care with top doctor faculty by providing- 

  1. Online Consultation: To skip the waiting room and consult a doctor at the place you are
  2. Health card: Providing health care with top doctors faculty in multiple departments 24/7 on one tap(subscription).
  3. Community Health camps: We the team of top doctors in various departments come to the community to screen and follow up the patients following strict social distancing measures for very less price which is helpful for once community to stay healthy.
  4. Home Care: Provide nursing assistants, physiotherapists at home service for chronic disease management.
  5. Lab Services: Home sample collection from certified labs at discount prices.
  6. Pharmacy Services: Home delivery oh prescribed medication at discount prices.

Future Plan:

As food plays a major role in designing our Healthy lifestyle, we will incorporate  healthy food and lifestyle into the Health care system and decrease the burden of diseases in the community.